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Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter (Fragrance Free)

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Use the gifts of Mother Nature to drift off into sweet, sweet sleep!


Most of the world's population is devoid of a vital nutrient, magnesium. Our soil just doesn't have the nutrients it once had. Without magnesium, we have trouble sleeping, can get migraines, struggle emotionally with anxiety, get restless leg syndrome, and all sorts of other ailments. 


At Sweet Bee, we formulated a beautiful magnesium butter to help you get the magnesium your body so desperately craves. This new version is completely fragrance-free.


We use only the most beautiful, organic ingredients to bring you a butter that does not tingle or itch. A grape-sized portion provides you with the 360mg of magnesium you need each day. We also use organic lavender essential oil to give you that extra, relaxing boost. 


Take a grape-sized portion out of the jar and simply rub it on the bottoms of your feet and into your calves.


We use it at bedtime to give us a restful night's sleep.


Sweet Sleep can be used on anyone from babies to adults as it is super mild and gentle.

If you do have any questions on whether it should be used on you or your child, please do ask or consult your GP. 


***Please note, this (like all of our products) are handmade so the consistency and colour can vary***


Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, mango butter, pure magnesium chloride, organic beeswax, vitamin E and filtered water, Glyceral Caprylate*, Dermasoft 1388 Eco*

*this is a plant-based, eco and gentle preservative widely accepted in natural and organic skincare. We need to use this in our formula because there is water present.

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We're based in lovely Frome in Somerset, UK!

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Where is my order?

Once your order has been dispatched, you should receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link, so you can keep an eye on your parcel's progress. If something doesn't look quite right, please get in touch via our contact form, or email us at hello@sweetbeeorganics.com with your order number.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Chris Whitt
Mixed results

Some nights this has seemed to really help my sleep, but some nights I have more problems with leg cramps than I did before I started using the magnesium butter. Makes no sense to me, based on how it’s supposed to work, & it’s frustrating. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hi Chris, keep using it. Your results should get better with time. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for our magnesium levels to regulate hence the mixed nights.

Kathy G
It works!

Love this stuff, definitely sleeping more sound and the cream is so silky soft - will
Be a lifetime purchaser

Thank you for the lovely review, Kathy! We're so so happy it's working so well for you!

Life changing

I've tried everything to fall and stay asleep at the age of 47. White noise, melatonin, cbd, meditation, music, lower temp, darkening shades......thus, THIS has been the game changer. Follow the directions and then just sleep. Nothing comes close to these results. Thank you Sweet Bee!

Excellent product

I thought I would give this product a try because I would wake up several times during the night in excruciating pain from the cramps in my feet and legs! I have to say that this product started working immediately, I would still wake up with cramps but not as often or severe. I’ve been using the product for 3 weeks now and I sleep through the night with no issues! I will continue to use this product as it is the thing that has helped me.

Sticky kept me awake

I don't know if the mag could have helped me sleep, because the long lasting sticky feeling drove me crazy and kept me awake. I came back to see if they stand behind thier products with a guarantee, but didn't find one. Lesson learned.