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The Menopause Bundle

The Menopause Bundle

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Our best menopause products, bundled together to make you feel AMAZING and save money!

In honour of World Menopause Day, we have created The Menopause Bundle. We want you to feel great during this important part of your life, so created these products to, well, give you your life back. We hope you love them. 

Included in the bundle is a 120ml jar of our world famous Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter, a 250ml jar of our incredible, mega booster Inner Wisdom-Balance and a 45 jar of our newest addition Revive. 

One of the biggest complaints of menopause is the lack of sleep, restless nights, nightly anxiety, restless legs and hot flushes at night. Many of these symptoms can be alleviated when our bodies have the proper amount of magnesium. A great way to get this daily dose of magnesium is through the skin. With a grape-sized portion rubbed on the soles of your feet every night, you get your daily dose of magnesium. Thousands of women world wide have reported amazing results when using Sweet Sleep every night.


Inner Wisdom-Balance is incredibly special. It is a blend of 6 different functional mushrooms as well as specific herbs to help balance your hormones. It is a powerhouse of goodness formulated to help reduce your symptoms. It is a perfect drink in the morning to help you feel great and get you going. We love it because you can replace your coffee with it and you get the nice uplift without the horrible jitters.


Revive is our newest offering. Brilliant feedback has already come pouring in, which gives us so much joy. So many women suffer with vaginal dryness during menopause. We created Revive to help soothe and protect your most sacred space. With hand-picked herbs that have been shown to help reduce hormonal issues, Revive is great to use nightly to really honour body and show it some love. It also makes a great lubricant.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Courtney Fuentes
Super disappointed!

2 out of 3 bottles broken, shards of glass in the product! Can't get a response from customer service, tried 3 different ways. 😕

Denise Robinson
sweet sleep

Absolutely love the sweet sleep balm. Using on the soles of my feet each night. Helping with sleep and hot flashes. I have been using inner wisdom in the mornings, it seems to give me a boost of energy. I will need to order bigger size next order.

Cara M
Great Magnesium Butter

I love this product! I apply it to the bottom of my feet every day before I put on my socks. It just melts right into my feet. Another reviewer said it was crumbly and fell apart. Maybe it would do that if it was too cold in the jar? Mine has a lovely whipped texture, and it a pleasure to apply. The benefits of magnesium absorbed transdermally through the skin cannot be overstated. It is calming to the nervous system, and helps with sleep. Will order again!

Lucyane Bouchardet
Amazing products

I’m a sweet bee organics buyer forever now.