Rituals & Routines-How to get the best out of Sweet Bee

Rituals & Routines-How to get the best out of Sweet Bee

When it comes to wellness, it isn't a one and done type of fix. Wellness comes when we stick to and make it part of our everyday life. I find this easiest if we make it a little ritual and keep a routine, so I thought I would talk about my rituals and routines. I hope it helps you stick to it and feel wonderful. 

I think when we talk about ritual, people tend to think about witchiness and woowoo. Ritual isn't about the funky alternative spell, etc, but about creating something special. I like to incorporate little rituals every day to make mundane things feel a bit special. One ritual that I find really easy is a morning ritual with Inner Wisdom-Balance. I like to make up a steamy cup of these very special mushrooms and then go outside barefoot in the grass and stand in the sunshine. This ritual allows me to feel grounded because by putting my bare feet on the ground it helps me realign my electrical energy. It sounds a bit strange, but it really works and is a great way to start the day!

Routine is also so important because our bodies and minds (and souls) like to know what's coming. When we live chaotic lives, we feel all over the place and all though spontaneity is classified as fun and exciting, our bodies don't really like it. You can see this very clearly with children, they thrive on routine and although they have fun when you do away or do something out of routine, you usually have backlash or wobblies to go along with it. Children and adults like to know what is coming next. I started implementing routine when I had children and now, I'm not sure I can live without it. I feel out of sorts when I do. 

This my routine for the day, and yes (of course) things get out of routine, but I like having an outline to work towards:

6.30AM-wake up, do a 7 minute meditiation, make a warm drink and get outside in the morning sun barefoot

7AM-Get the boys breakfast, put on music and get ready for the day

8.15AM- Leave for school (this can be a crazy one)

9AM-Get to work and have a Calming Tea (after the crazy school run and nice cup of our Calming Tea helps my nervous system relax).

12PM- Lunch-I don't usually eat until now. I usually have lots of protein here like a steak or some chick or eggs

1PM- After lunch Sacred Roots...I NEED some chocolately goodness after food and this is my favourite

3PM- Leave for school pickup with a thermos of Sacred Roots for the boys

5.30PM- Dinner

7.30PM- Boys to bed...I rub Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter on them and a couple time a week they have  a bath in Sweet Little Detox Bath to wind down. They also love a cup of warm milk with a wee bit of honey and I sneak in a big portion of collagen here to help them sleep. 

9PM- I go to bed. My bedtime routine looks like this. Wash face with our Black Soap Wash, a little massage with with our Facial Oil, then I apply Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter to my feet and calves and read for a bit. I drink a big up of water with a pinch of celtic sea salt to keep me hydrated. I then put my sleep mask on and my mouth tape and I am out like a light. 


I hope this little routine can bring you some inspiration. I promise I'm not rigid and usually something goes astray, but this is the outline. 


Sending big love, 



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