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The Keep Well Bundle

The Keep Well Bundle

4 total reviews

Keep the whole family boosted for the whole month with this special bundle


This bundle is designed with your family in mind. We have chosen two of our most beautiful products and bundled them in one glorious package. 

First, we have our Sacred Roots Healing Chocolate in our 500g jar. Sacred Roots, is gorgeously designed to offer you a beautiful drinking chocolate with amazing immune boosting medicinal mushrooms and other immune boosting ingredients. It is utterly delicious and a wonderful way to nourish and treat your body at the end of a chilly winter's day. Read all about our Sacred Roots here:


Next, we have added our LARGE 500ml bottle of Winter Wellness Elderberry Elixir. This is our most popular product and is really special. It is formulated to keep cold and flu away organically using the worlds best immune boosters. It is also wonderful for using if you do get a cold or the flu. Elderberry has actually been proven to shorten the flu by 3 days! Read more about Winter Wellness here:


We are offering our large bottles so that these treasures will last you all month long, if not longer! With this bundle you are getting a HUGE $14.98 savings. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stacy H. (Quakertown, US)
I bought Winter Wellness and Sacred Roots

I ABSOLUTELY love these products. I bought Winter Wellness preparing for the upcoming winter and cold and flu season. I have been taking 1 T a day. The taste is absolutely delicious. I started to get a sore throat over the weekend and the instructions say to take very couple of hours to ward off a cold. Well by Monday, I will feel back to normal. It might be a coincidence or it just might be that Winter Wellness did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Sacred Roots is sooooo good. I have been using a half a T in Almond Milk after dinner every night and it's just so good.

Bree S. (San Marcos, US)
Great products! Great company!

I initially found this company on a cancer wellness journey. The owners story captivated. So I started by purchasing the warming cocoa & elderberry elixir combo along with the magnesium butter. All 3 products are wonderful. I use the magnesium butter on my 4 year old & myself before bedtime. It smells amazing & relaxing and our sleep seems to be better when we use it. I truly love the elderberry elixir. I typically make my own organic elderberry syrup, but was very lazy this time around as I am going through some health issues and don’t have the energy I typically have so I decided to order one as I have never done that before and this company seemed to be legit. I’m so glad I did!! My whole family takes this product daily to keep our immune system‘s strong during “sick season”. So far none of us have gotten sick and we have been around numerous family members and friends who were. Also preschool germs are no joke. The cocoa is nice. I add it to my coffee in the morning and my tea in the evening. I don’t realize it was unsweetened which I was kind of bummed about however this give me the opportunity to add just the right amount of agave or maple syrup for the perfect amount of sweetness as I don’t like my drink too sweet and am trying to cut out my sugar intake.

All in all, great products! Packaging was lovely & beautiful. I appreciate the glass containers as opposed to plastic packaging. Nothing was broken. Will purchase from Sweet Bee again. Really wanting to try the wellness blend next! Thanks for awesome products for the whole family.

A S. (Taunton, GB)

This has kept my family and me well throughout the winter and into the summer months. I will continue to take this all year long! Thanks to Sweet Bee for continuing to create beautiful products that smell and taste great and that can keep the whole family healthy. So grateful.

Hollie (Swindon, GB)

I’m a huge fan of medicinal mushrooms but I wasn’t expecting this to taste so delicious! I have a spoon every morning in my coffee to help boost my immunity along with the elderberry tonic, this also tastes great, I love how many natural remedies it contains, natural cures are neglected by so many but hopefully this will start to change! Thanks sweet bee ❤️

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