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Every ingredient is a gift from Mother Nature

In every product we produce, we carefully select each ingredient and create products in a way that give you and the ones you love the highest level of well-being possible. 

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I love all the amazing products, I’m a regular consumer of the delicious Winter wellness, it keeps any colds at bay and tastes divine, and then there’s the Sacred roots chocolate drink, which is my daily treat. I Highly recommend all the products that I can see are created with Love 💖

I absolutely love all the products and my 2 youngest sons do too. I’m a mum of 7 and my 2 youngest have autism and they loved their detox bath and especially the foot massage with the sweet sleep which they now prepare for (and as the day enfolds they remind me many times of their new ritual lol) religiously every night during their bedtime meditation. The boys were the first to try the products and the second night I pampered myself too and I felt amazing afterwards and I can’t imagine ever not using these fantastic natural products. The cleanser and serum and well just everything is just wonderful. I’m now introducing Sweet Bee to my other older children. If there was an option for 10 stars 🌟 I’d give it. Love Love Love every single product 💕

I have purchased the well women package and I am overjoyed already!!! The sleepy footcream is literally working miracles on my little one! Your products are wonderful, I am so glad I’ve discovered them 💜

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"Sweet Bee Organics create boutique, organic wellness products for the mind, body and soul. Each ingredient is carefully hand selected and ethically sourced from Pachamama."

"They say 'you are what you eat', and that couldn't be more true. But you also are the lotions and serums you put on your skin, the clothes you wrap yourself in, and the items you surround yourself with."

"As a part of my series about the women in wellness, I had the pleasure of interviewing Hollie King, a wellness specialist and founder of Sweet Bee Organics, a boutique creator of the purest natural product."

"In today’s chat, sisters Hollie King and Mallory Schillinger help debunk the difference between medicinal mushrooms and psychedelic mushrooms. But the conversation goes much deeper than that."