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The Pure Pits Bundle

The Pure Pits Bundle

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Finally, there is a natural deodorant system that actually works!

How many times have you tried switching to a natural deodorant only to find that they don't work? You still smell and then decide to give up and go back to your conventional deodorant even though it's full of ingredients that are not great for your body. 

At Sweet Bee Organics, we have created a system to help you switch to a natural deodorant. 

First, start with our Pure Pits Arm Pit Detox. This is brilliant as it gently draws out toxins and unclogs your pores and your lymph system under your arms. By detoxing first (we suggest detoxing for 20 minutes a day for 7 days), your under arms are then prepared to use a natural deodorant. 

We created Pure Pits Organic Deodorant to work perfectly with Pure Pits Armpit Detox, so after your detox you have the most wonderful aluminium-free and bicarbonate of soda free deodorant to use, which will keep you smelling fresh all day long. 

They are perfect for both men and women and both jars will last quite a long time. 

We bundled these two wonderful products together to save you money as well. So get yours today!!


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Customer Reviews

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Carol Richards-Ellis
So Far So Good

I have used the bundle for a short time now and I like it so far. The detox is a bit messy so I apply it and then lay on a large towel while waiting the 20 minutes before showering. The detox does seems to prevent underarm odor from coming back so soon. The deodorant is a little hard to apply and I wish it came in a roll on but I take a bit out of the jar with a small spoon and put it in my armpits where it warms up and then I can spread it around. The lavender scent is strong at first but dissipates quickly and just leaves a pleasant scent. I really like these products.

Deborah Sweeney
Pure Pits is great

I was hesitant on purchasing this because of the price, but it really works well. You don’t need that much so I think it will last for a while. It’s nice to have some thing that is natural that works.