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The Menopause Bundle

The Menopause Bundle

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Three hero products to help you feel more vibrant and healthful, every day.


    Three hero products to help you feel more vibrant and healthful, every day.

    We created this bundle in honour of Menopause Awareness Month, to support your body through the hormonal changes of menopause and peri-menopause. Inside, you will find… 

    Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter

    A lack of sleep, often accompanied by night sweats, anxiety and restless legs can be one of the most challenging symptoms of menopause. 

    Studies show that most of us are lacking in magnesium, a vital nutrient that we used to get from food grown in the soil. Unfortunately, our soil just isn’t as nutrient-rich as it once was. Without a proper amount of magnesium, we have trouble sleeping, experience migraines and anxiety, restless leg syndrome and all sorts of other issues. 

    Sweet Sleep is a beautiful body butter that will help you get the rest you so deserve. To create it, we use only the very best organic ingredients. A grape-sized portion provides you with the 360mg of magnesium you need each day.

    Inner Wisdom-Balance 

    We worked with the UK’s leading mycologist (mushroom scientist!) to create this delicious, healing drink. It is a blend of six different functional mushrooms and specific herbs to help ease the symptoms associated with the ups and downs of hormonal shifts - from brain fog to irritability to hot flushes.

    Simply add 1-2 tablespoons to the milk of your choice and warm through while whisking. We love to drink this powerhouse of goodness first thing in the morning as a coffee replacement, for a nice uplift without the caffeine jitters.


      As we get older, so many of us suffer with vaginal dryness, making sex and every day comfort very difficult.

      We created Revive to soothe and protect your vulva, allowing for more suppleness and moisture. This gorgeous balm is blended from sweet almond oil, beeswax and hand-picked herbs that have been shown to help reduce hormonal issues. 

      Use Revive each night to honour your body and show it some love. It can also be used in your pulse points to help with hot flashes, and last but not least, makes a great lubricant (not to be used with condoms because it is oil based). 


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      n.b. (Pittsburgh, US)
      Menopause Bundle

      I love everything about this bundle. I would definitely recommend it. I use the sweet sleep butter is amazing!! I just started the others,but so far excellent !!!

      Tori l. (Portland, US)
      Sweet sleep

      Since I bought this a couple of weeks ago, I think it took a day or two but I’ve been using it every night before bed and I’ve literally been sleeping almost through the night. Before I was waking up once or twice a night, and I feel more rested..

      Denise R. (Broken Arrow, US)
      sweet sleep

      Absolutely love the sweet sleep balm. Using on the soles of my feet each night. Helping with sleep and hot flashes. I have been using inner wisdom in the mornings, it seems to give me a boost of energy. I will need to order bigger size next order.

      Cara M. (Westcliffe, US)
      Great Magnesium Butter

      I love this product! I apply it to the bottom of my feet every day before I put on my socks. It just melts right into my feet. Another reviewer said it was crumbly and fell apart. Maybe it would do that if it was too cold in the jar? Mine has a lovely whipped texture, and it a pleasure to apply. The benefits of magnesium absorbed transdermally through the skin cannot be overstated. It is calming to the nervous system, and helps with sleep. Will order again!

      Lucyane B. (Highland Mills, US)
      Amazing products

      I’m a sweet bee organics buyer forever now.

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