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Springtime Soother

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A Springtime Wellness Boost in a Bottle!
Ah, Springtime, it's the time everything comes to life! All you want to do is be outside. Then, the dreaded itchiness, coughing and streaming eyes show up. Oh no!! What now?
At Sweet Bee, we turn to Mother Nature for our remedies. Our Springtime Soother, is a powerhouse tonic. We take L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Elderflower and Nettle then blend this with organic apricots to bring you a beautiful mixture that will give you the boost you need. 
Vitamin C is amazing at boosting your immune system, so even if you don't have trouble with itchiness in the Spring, you can still can get a massive dose of Vitamin C. In fact, in just two tablespoons, you can get a whopping 1000mg of Vitamin C!
We created Springtime Soother so that kids would actually take it. So, this has a sweet, pleasant taste with a little sour kick at the end. Kind of like those sour sweeties you loved as a child. 
All of our ingredients are natural and organic, so get the immune boost you need without any nasties. 

Our Springtime Soother is the Spring and Summertime equivalent of our Winter Wellness. We use seasonal ingredients so that your body responds naturally to them. 
This currently comes in a 500ml or 200ml bottle and needs to be refrigerated upon receiving. 
Ingredients: Water, Apricots*, Coconut Sugar*, L-Ascorbic Acid*,  Elderflower*,  Raw Honey, Nettle*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Cognac*
*Organic Ingredients 

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We're based in lovely Frome in Somerset, UK!

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Where is my order?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Wendy Schirack
Amazing product for allergies

I have awful summertime allergies so I decided to try this product before going to an allergist for testing and possible injections. This is my second year using this product and I can feel a big difference if I miss a dose.
It is expensive but so worth the price!
Great company, when I had a bottle break while shipping they immediately sent a replacement.

It Just Works

It keeps the allergies at bay. Expensive but it works.

Melissa Rasmussen

$4 per dose! That’s expensive.

Kat Stephenson
I want more!

I love this daily dose and can't believe how fast it's disappearing . I want to order more! Spring Time Tonic is delcious!

Teri Kent
love it

my favorite is the spring tonic. I love the unique flavor and i feel good taking it. Thank you