Wellbeing wisdom: the simple steps I take to stay healthy

Wellbeing wisdom: the simple steps I take to stay healthy

Hello lovely ones, 

Today, I want to share with you something that’s very dear to my heart: the idea of prevention, versus waiting until you become ill to take action. These days, we are all so busy, with so much going on in our lives that we tend to forget about maintaining a good level of self-care. 

But self-care isn’t just a ‘nice to have’. It’s vital. Otherwise, your body forces you to stop and deal with an illness, big or small. (Trust me, I know…) 

At Sweet Bee Organics, our passion is in prevention, and getting on top of things before they become an issue. This is really important to me - not only in my life, but also with my children. Prevention is key. 

So, what do I do, and what do I use in my daily life? 

  • I use functional mushrooms every single day for preventative care. The research on these mushrooms is quite profound and exciting. My best tip is to make sure that the products you’re sourcing are pristine and that you are getting the highest quality extracts. Here at Sweet Bee, we source our mushrooms from Europe’s top mycologist (mushroom scientist). He also helps us formulate our blends. He really knows his stuff and has written numerous books on the healing powers of mushrooms. 
  • I use Inner Wisdom-Balance, daily, in the mornings and Sacred Roots in the afternoon. I feel confident in the research behind these mushrooms to support me and my children. 
  • I also use Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter every night to help support my sleep patterns and minimise anxiety. We all know that when our sleep is disturbed, we can run into all sorts of health issues, so sleep is essential to preventative care. 
  • I use Winter Wellness in the autumn and winter months. In the spring and summer, I use our Springtime Soother to support my immune system and help with my seasonal hayfever. 

For my children...

  • I support their immune systems with Sacred Roots each day. 
  • I give them a daily dose of either Winter Wellness or Springtime Soother depending on the time of year, to help them avoid seasonal bugs. 
  • We use Sweet Sleep every night, which helps them not just to drift off, but also to sleep soundly all night.
  • Twice a week, I give them a bath using our Sweet Little Detox Bath. This is a really special product because it combines magnesium with the world’s best clay. The clay binds to heavy metals (which are environmental toxins) and gently pulls them out through the skin. This is a beautiful way to wind down your children’s day (and yours).

At Sweet Bee, it is our goal to create products that wholly support you and your family, to ensure that you are empowered with the Mother Nature’s finest gifts in your daily rituals. 

Wishing you a beautiful day. 


Hollie x

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