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Sacred Roots Healing Chocolate


Empower your immune system and support natural healing with the wild energy of Sacred Roots!


How can we align better to the seasonal changes of nature and support ourselves to find balance and wellbeing whatever the weather? As winter draws its cloak around us, we are invited to slow down, go inwards, dig in our roots and draw upon the earth energy to sustain us through the winter months. It is a time to nourish ourselves inwardly in preparation for the outward growth of Spring and Summer. It is when we want to curl up beside the fire, underneath a soft blanket with a good book and drink something warm and soothing.


At Sweet Bee Organics we wish to bring you some of this wild earthy medicine in a way that is truly delicious and nourishing for your mind, body and spirit. Combining the healing powers of reishi and chaga mushrooms with the heart-opening, nutritional gifts of Cacao, we have created this delicious hot chocolate blend Sacred Roots to nourish you from the inside out and connect you with the earth in an organic way.


We are very passionate about fungi here at Sweet Bee Organics. Hidden beneath our feet are vast networks of mycelium supporting an estimated 95% of our plants and trees, enabling water and nutrients to be transported and breaking down matter that enables the recycling of all the vital nutrients to replenish the earth and support new growth. WOW! They are a medicinal marvel and have been traditionally used in cultures across the world for enhancing health and wellbeing. We combine chaga and reishi mushroom powder with other nutritional gifts from nature to support your body’s defence mechanisms, enhance your mood and connect you with that wild energy of mother earth.


Cacao makes the perfect partner to the deep, earthy flavour of these mushrooms, and it has many superpowers of its own:


-       A high source of antioxidants (40 times the amount found in blueberries)

-       Highest plant-based source of iron

-       Full of healthy magnesium for healthy heart and brain and contains exceptional amounts of manganese, copper, phosphorus, zinc, potassium.

-       Contains more calcium than cow’s milk

-       A natural mood elevator and antidepressant

-       Promotes mental clarity and enhances meditation

-       Good source of dietary fibre and saturated fat


Along with the other ingredients of Sacred Roots, this healing chocolate brew is a powerhouse of natural minerals, antioxidants and wild medicine:


Reishi Mushrooms - contain hundreds of biologically active molecules which promote the immune system, longevity, the cardiovascular system and the brain. They are a powerful anti-inflammatory, decrease the symptoms of allergies and stress and promote hormonal balance.


Chaga Mushrooms - have also been used to treat cancers and reduce tumour size, resolve digestive issues, manage blood sugars, lower bad cholesterol levels, and make hair and skin shinier, healthier and more youthful.  


Maca root powder – is a great source of important vitamins and minerals. It has also been used traditionally to balance hormones, enhance libido and fertility, uplift moods and increase energy.


Cinnamon – for its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, and support in fighting fungi and bacteria.


Cardamon – is excellent at boosting digestive health, relieving acidity and symptoms of indigestion. It contains high anti-bacterial, aids detoxification and can help reduce high blood pressure. It is quite the seed!


Pink Himilayan salt – contains vital minerals and can help the body detoxify and release on different levels.


(optional) Coconut sugar – A sweetener with a lower GI than sugar that contains various minerals, antioxidants and fibre from the coconut palm. 

All ingredients are 100% Organic and our packaging is sustainable and recyclable. Our intention at Sweet Bee Organics is to come in to harmony with nature again and celebrate her healing gifts as we give back what we can and listen to her needs.



For a delicious warm drink enjoy Sacred Roots with your choice of milk.


Warm milk gently and add a small amount of milk to 1-2 TBS of healing chocolate. Mix together to form a paste before stirring in the remaining milk.


Or add chocolate powder to the pan as milk is warming (but not boiling) and whisk together for a frothier version.


Take a moment to breathe deep, connect to your feet, feel your heartbeat and enjoy Sacred Roots in long, slow sips! 


Sacred Roots powder can also replace cocoa in your favourite recipes. Try in a chocolate cake or mixed with coconut milk for a decadent rice pudding. You can also make energy balls, biscuits or raw chocolate goodies for healthy, hearty snacks.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Handmade with love in St Louis, Missouri

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Kristen Carter
Has soul

I ordered this after being terribly ill twice this year and needing something nourishing but satisfying. I prefer sweet things and was concerned it would be too savory. It is really balanced and delicious! I think it's important that be mindful you can adjust liquid to powder ratio to modify flavor. Really enjoying this and feel good after every cup I've had so far. Looking forward to trying some other products as well.

Geri Glaser
sacred roots

Absolutely delicious

Geri Glaser
sacred roots

Love it. I add it to my tea.

Heather Madlener

I wanted very much to like this cocoa but the cardamom flavor is just too much. I like cardamom but not with this intensity. I am going to try mixing it half and half with regular cocoa and see if that makes it more palatable. Hopefully that will be so.

Donna Dunn
Sacred roots

Delicious, energizing and mood balancing
I drink this in the morning before I go out to ride my horse.