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Sweet Smooch Lip Balm

Sweet Smooch Lip Balm

18 total reviews

A herbal infused lip balm made with the worlds most luxurious organic oils

  • Deeply nourish dry lips
  • Can use on dry skin
  • 48 hour herbal infusion
  • Great for dry cuticals

A Sweet Wildflower Kiss for your Lips

Sweet Smooch is a regenerative and hydrating balm that  combines some of the world's best oils. 

Creating Sweet Smooch is a labour of love. We hand infuse babassu and sweet almond oil with organic dried wildflowers. The wild flowers are hand selected to regenerate and restore  the skin of your lips, but also they smell AMAZING and give Sweet Smooch a delicate, sweet taste.  This process extracts the whole plant goodness instead of just one portion like essential oils. We then blend this infusion with the ultra rich avocado oil and beeswax to make a balm like no other. We chose this blend of oils specifically as they all have amazing skin healing properties.

Babassu Oil-

Babassu oil contains fatty acids that are of great benefit to the skin, including a high concentration of Lauric acid and Myristic acid. These acids have melting points relatively close to body temperature and provide a cooling effect when applied to the skin.

The oil is also rich in Vitamin E and Phytosterols, which act as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Babassu is a great emollient beneficial for both dry and oily skin, gently moisturising the skin without contributing to an oily sheen.

Sweet Almond Oil-

Sweet Almond Oil can help with superficial skin burns (like burned lips) and soothe dry and chapped skin. Being non-comedogenic it has a fast absorption rate making it ideal for a lip balm. 

Avocado Oil-

The delicious combination of vitamins and antioxidants are saviours for sorry looking skin. The fatty acids, for example, are key for regenerating, rebuilding and giving it a bouncy boost. The high dose of phytosterols (plant compounds) in the oil help to prevent loss of moisture and keep skin hydrated, and the antioxidants will work to neutralise free radicals that attack skin cells.

This balm can be used anywhere your skin needs a little bit of help or moisture, but is amazing for the lips. 

Give your smooch the love it deserves today.

Sweet Smooch can be used anywhere your skin needs a little bit of moisture, to refine wrinkles or relieve itchy skin.


  • Babassu Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Beeswax
  • Rose
  • Meadowsweet


Apply even to lips or any dry spots daily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Leigh D. (Houston, US)
The best I’ve ever used

The best of ever used. I use it morning all day and before I go to bed, I’m ordering more I want to keep one with me not just in my nightstand.

Patricia W. (Madison Heights, US)
Lip Gloss

Really weird taste. It does soften the lips.

margaret t. (Richmond, US)
Sweet Smooch


Lana (Piñon Hills, US)
Great Lip Balm

I really like this lip balm, it keeps my lips soft and helps my lips feel better when I have to deal with a cold sore. Then I use a cotton swab to apply the balm to not contaminate the rest of the container. Thank you for making a great product!!

Heather M. (Springfield, US)
Love it!

This balm is wonderful! Very hydrating and not sticky or tacky at all. I was hoping for more of a scent, but it doesn't really smell like anything to me.

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