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Revive-A Balm for Vulva Dryness and Irritation


A revitalizing balm for your most sacred space.

Many women find that as they age their vulvas tend to become dry and irritated, making sex and just every day comfort very difficult.

At Sweet Bee, we created Revive. We hand crafted this product to help with any irritation, dryness or itchiness. Revive gently soothes this sacred area allowing for more suppleness and moisture. We slowly infuse comfrey, vitex berry and wild yam root into organic oils and melted beeswax to create a soft balm that easily rubs in. The herbs we use are specifically chosen as they help with hormonal imbalances. 

You can also use Revive for perineal massage if you are an expectant mother. Perineal massage is a great way to prep your body for your baby's arrival. 

Revive is meant to be used daily for best results and can also be used on your pulse points to help with hot flushes. 

To use: With clean, dry hands, apply a pea sized amount with the middle and index finger to the skin of the vulva. Massage gently. Can also be used as a lubricant. 

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, Babassu oil, beeswax, comfrey, vitex berry, wild yam root

Size: Revive comes in a 45g glass jar.

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Where are you based?

We're based in lovely Frome in Somerset, UK!

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Where is my order?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Charleen Eyer
Nice routine add-on

I use this daily. It is a nice little add-on to my routine. No burning or stinging and is actually very helpful during intimate moments.

Barbara massone
The salve

Seems to be working fine .

Michelle Otto
Menopausal lady

This stuff is awesome and very effective in preventing irritation and dryness.

Mary Jane Nettles
Product came in liquid form

I am only giving 4 stars bc my product came in liquid form and I was expecting a salve/balm. I have refrigerated it, and it solidifies, but quickly returns to liquid after removed from refrigeration. I can tell that the product is good, but I am not happy about it being in liquid form.


Being in our 60's..I have searched for something natural for dryness.
This product is extremely supple and works great. Other than the funky green color which my husband was concerned's just what we needed.